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About 48 years ago, my father came home with an orchid... from that day forward, he was hooked! We had a small backyard at the time, and it didn't take long before the clothesline made way for the orchid house.

After we ran out of room inside and out, we moved to a larger property at Engadine and set up a small home business selling orchids. The whole family worked in the nursery. We all did the odd job after school... watering, weeding, writing thousands of labels, deflasking and planting with Mum in the shed.


After 20 years at Engadine, Dad and Mum had to move again because although Engadine was big, it was not big enough. They moved into a 20 acre property in Tomerong (SE NSW) and have been there for 26 years now.

Nineteen years ago my husband and I moved the retail component of the business to a more prominent position on the Princes Highway at Heathcote. And we changed the name to "The Orchid Place".

We aim to provide variety, quality and advice to all who visit our nursery. We cater for gardeners, hobbyists, enthusiasts, gift buyers, landscapers and florists. The nursery is easy to find and there is plenty of parking.

We also consider ourselves as merchants, often sourcing orchids from other specialist orchid growers from around Australia. That way, you can find the best of every orchid in the one location.

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